We're working to protect the river and the rural lifestyle.


Horse and Livestock Watershed Alliance

is an organization that represents horse and livestock owners in the Ojai Valley as a response to legal mandates regarding the impact of horse and livestock manure on the Ventura River Watershed. We are working with government and local agencies, and stakeholders, to influence and meet regulatory requirements while minimizing economic impact and maintaining the current rural lifestyle.

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How it Works

Membership cost $25 per year at this time. Please fill out the membership form and mail it to:

  • VC Resource Conservation District
  • PO Box 147
  • Somis, California 93066

Or scan and email it to: Dana.Bogdanich@vcrcd.org.

Benefits of Membership

New regulations adopted by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board will impact all horse and livestock owners from Ventura to Ojai. Members will be supporting a critical, proactive effort to work with the Water Board to minimize the economic impact of these regulations. The goal is to maintain our current rural lifestyle while learning about and implementing practices that will benefit our watershed.

Recent News

Recent Updates

New Regulatory Updates

No updates at this time.

Recent Meeting Notes

Our last meeting included discussion of the website, Facebook page, implementation plan terminology, County permitting requirements for compost/manure structures, membership, Dr. Al Leydecker’s unpublished report about nutrients as a result of horses and livestock and the RCD’s support funding.

See the latest minutes.