Horse and Livestock Watershed Alliance

is an organization that represents horse and livestock owners in the Ojai Valley as a response to legal mandates regarding the impact of horse and livestock manure on the Ventura River Watershed. We are working with government and local agencies, and stakeholders, to influence and meet regulatory requirements while minimizing economic impact and maintaining the current rural lifestyle.

About the Alliance


Since 2012 Ojai horse and livestock owners are required by the Regional Water Board to manage manure runoff from horse and livestock properties in the Ojai Valley.

Our Goals

The Horse and Livestock Watershed Alliance formed as a voluntary group to:

  • Respond to the Regional Water Board and EPA requirements.
  • Develop Best Management Practices among horse and livestock owners in order to protect the Ventura River Watershed.
  • Ensure that regulations do not infringe on horse and livestock owners, without a challenge.
  • Protect members by a Waiver that will exempt members from being individually monitored and regulated by government agencies.
Horse Riders in Ojai Valley