Horse and Livestock Watershed Alliance

is an organization that represents horse and livestock owners in the Ojai Valley as a response to legal mandates regarding the impact of horse and livestock manure on the Ventura River Watershed. We are working with government and local agencies, and stakeholders, to influence and meet regulatory requirements while minimizing economic impact and maintaining the current rural lifestyle.

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CoLAB Ventura County

CoLAB, Ventura County is a non-profit organization that works with public agencies and decision makers in Ventura County to provide regulatory solutions for business and private property owners.

Ventura County RCD

The Ventura County Resource Conservation District provides assistance to help both rural and urban communities to conserve, protect, and restore natural resources.

Ventura River Watershed Council

The Ventura River Watershed Council is a stakeholder group for watershed planning in the Ventura River Watershed.

Horses for Clean Water

Alayne is a renowned speaker and educator for green horse keeping. Her website provides frequent updates, ideas and resources.

King’s County Resource Conservation District

The bottom of this webpage provides a list of current BMPs useful for healthy horse keeping.

02 Compost

O2Compost specializes in designing aerated compost systems and teaching the owners of these systems the Science and Art of Composting.

Sonoma Valley Worm Farm

This farm specializes in small scale composting. Vermicomposting as well as aerated composting.

Facility Design and Supplies

For better drainage and improved athletic perfromance. These links are provided for informational purposes only and are not endorsements for any business.